Penny and Percy

This is a home-to-home request. Their owner writes:

Penny and Percy are both 5 years old (born in June), neutered and fully vaccinated. I have their cards from the vets and they are also flead and wormed. Neither of them has had any health problems at all to date. Both are part pedigree and therefore much more people oriented than the average moggy. Percy is half British Shorthair and Penny is part oriental. As a result they're both gorgeous! They are well suited to being house cats - in fact, Penny very rarely goes out, and both prefer to be in when there's people around to socialise with.
Penny is the dark grey one with white markings - she's very striking and a complete sweetheart - she's desperate for cuddles and will follow you around talking to you. Being oriental she's quite vocal, but not to the point that it's annoying. She's also fast and smart, and generally good at cat things.
Percy is not the brightest spark- he's less confident than Penny but just as sweet once he's comfortable. He's absolutely hilarious to play with because of his lack of paw-eye coordination. He's a kneader and loves sitting in your lap pawing away. Penny prefers to get right up on your chest and tuck her head under your chin!
The dynamic between the two is odd - they don't seem to be the best of friends, rather cohabitants, but despite this I would really like them to stay together as they've grown up together and I think it will make the transition easier. On that note - I've had 3 houses since getting them and they've never really had a problem settling in, so I don't think that will be an issue.
I can't really think of anything more to say, other than that if you are thinking of getting cats, you really could not wish for sweeter, more affectionate kitties than these two. I'm completely gutted to be re-homing them, but am out of options.
Ring 07540 233531